#Cloning of everhour.com —Team Boron

Aejaz Ahmed
3 min readJan 4, 2021


1. Priyanka Poshala

2. Aman Kumar Singh

3. Aejaz Ahmed

Team Lead: Priyanka Poshala

Unit 2 concluded with the build week at Masai School, this time we were assigned a website called everhour.com . This time also, we were 3 members in our team, As I mentioned above. We were unknown to each other at the time of our first meeting but by the end of this project, camaraderie developed nicely. My experience of this build week is mixed. In the very beginning we had not decided what to use, Whether we should use local storage or create an API in order to fetch dummy data for website’s functionality. As we had not decided on what we should, we put the idea of going with local storage, And built that functionality by using local storage.

It was because, as we did not know how to create an API for fetching and displaying dummy data in the website. Therefore I implemented local storage functionality for the team page and also implemented search functionality to search if the given data is present inside the local storage or not. I got my confidence boost up by building search functionality because i had not done this before.

And I also like to mention here that for the first time, I built popover just by using just HTML and CSS. This also gave me immense joy. But we had just 5 days in our hand and we were told to build pixel perfect clone, As time was very limited we had to cut down some functionality and some time we were need to learn some new things just like I spoke earlier.

Eventually, we decided to create an API and struck down local storage plan after writing code for local storage, we reverted to fetch API, which was really a daunting task to do in the midst of the project week.

About Project:

Technologies used: HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript

Below are some of the screenshots of the cloned website:

Landing page of Everhour.com
Team page

Above page is the landing page of the everhour.com

popover on hover
Project page

Challenges my team faced:

  • We had to learn some new features that we had not known, some time went into learning new things as we had limited time available.
  • As we are working remotely, we had to keep team member in loop every time, whenever we make some changes.

Overall, it was a beneficial experience working in a team and collaborating. From such projects we got learn new things. It boosted up our confidence of dealing with some unexpected happenings.

Doing projects are vital part of learning technologies, it is the only way where you can apply all the concepts you have learnt. In our projects we have built 6 pages.

To have a view of our project link is given below:

Thank You.